Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Gifts I Hope To Get

I'm not looking for glitz under this year's Christmas Tree, nor anything of epic proportions. The items on my merry-little-wonders list are writing inspired and locally available. If, like me, you're a poem writer or storyteller, perhaps you'll wish for similar gifted boxes or stocking stuffers.

Renewal subscriptions to this year's favorite drops in my mailbox:
Glimmer Train, One Story, Poets & Writers, and The Sun.
Gift certificates would be appreciated. Even though statistics reveal recipients do not cash in on them, that shouldn't be a worrisome concern––yours truly will make quick use of them. SO: Apple Store (upgrades, iTunes, a gadget or two), Barnes & Noble (books), Office Depot (paper, printer, or writing supplies), Panera Bread and/or Starbucks (to share snacks with my poem pal, Maxie Steer).

The perfect extra something, the gift that would keep giving for the rest of the year––a prepaid registration to the Florida Writers Association Conference.

Last, but NOT least is Time. Beautiful, wonderful, guilt-free time to pen the words, thoughts, and feelings in my head the whole year long, and being in that moment.

There you have it. I'll keep you posted––no pun intended. Smile,