Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bookends By Any Other Name

     Two months ago I browsed in a Goodwill Store, and found a fabulous bookend set (see photo). The heavy ceramic sculpture, felted on its base, depicts a red book with double gold bars on each end. The side edges depict pages done in relief. On top of the book rests scrolled parchment kept from rolling up by a posted fountain pen, nib exposed as if someone had just finished writing its inscription. The word "library"is etched in script with a message I can't discern except that "poet" is the last word. What a find. (If you've read my Blog of 12/7/2012––Barrel to Nib to Paper, you'll know my fascination with fountain pens.) I scooped them up and returned home for their new designated job, and in a place where I could see and admire them. 

     Admire them, I do. With this addition, my collection of bookend sets have swelled to three. All of them bring order to the book and file chaos that reigns in my writing room. In time, I'm sure there will be others. 
    Wikipedia defines a bookend as "an object that is designed to buttress, or support, an upright row of books. It is placed on either end to prevent books from falling over...."  
      Just Bookends notes that, "As libraries and collectors formed categorical systems for arranging books neatly horizontal on an otherwise unfilled shelf. Bookends of sufficient weight would keep the shelved books safely in place and reduce book avalanches, making vertical book storage and the use of bookends a definite improvement over horizontally stacked book mountains."

      The Internet being the marvel it is, provides links to several sites of bookend production and sales. Take a peak at  http://www.justbookends.com, ModCloth, Barnes & Noble, even etsy has bookends of interest. Or browse vintage bookends once made by the Ronson lighter company (http://transporter.tripod.com/Bookends).
     Bookends are wonderful gifts at Christmas or other happy occasions for your writer friends––even yourself. Assigned them their primary job, they'll do it well.