Friday, February 22, 2013

Bookstores Over Night

Today, dear readers, I intend to make you smile. It is Friday. It is the end of the week, and it has been a busy week. While I had a fine post in the making for today, commitments and deadlines and unforeseens all came together in a whirl. That fine intended post will find another day for posting.

Instead, I provide you something guaranteed to give you pause. Enjoy! And be sure to return for next Friday's posting.

After organizing their own bookshelf earlier this year, Sean Ohlenkamp and wife Lisa re-doubled their efforts for Type Books  in Toronto. After several sleepless nights of animating with a crew of over 20 people, the Joy of Books was born.  Music composed especially for the short by Grayson Matthews.

What Happens In Bookstores At night

The Joy of Books

See our website at: 
             Type Books
               883 Queen Street West
               Toronto, Ontario
               (416) 366-8973)