Friday, January 4, 2013

Intriguing Resources

Because I have known the agonies of thirst, I would dig a well so that others might drink.   
                                                                                       Ernest Thompson Seton

     I don't know anything about everything. I do know I need big-time help along the way. Along that way is personal power and growth that comes from the hunt, search, and exploration for nuggets of information. Why? Because curiosity can uncover nuggets of uncommon knowledge that when sewn into the fabric of many writing genres could be enough to encourage a reader to read for more juicy morsels, to finish a book or poem to its end, and then want more.
     My library shelves are peppered with books containing unexpected pleasures and wonderful stuff––tips, insights, do's, don'ts; tidbits of history, intrigue, geography, culture, reference, compassion; and, above all they delight, inspire, and prove themselves useful in many ways if even for just a casual read.
     Following Mr. Seton's words, I share some books from my well so that [you, too,] might drink:

11,002 Things To Be Miserable About        Stories in Stone           
A Dictionary of Catch Phrases                     Straight From the Fridge, Dad
Best Book of Useless Information Ever
Book of Numbers                                         The Art of the Bookplate
Book of Poisons                                           The Pop Vocabulary Book
Dictionary of Idioms                                     The Quotable Writer
Dictionary of Theories                                  Watkins Dictionary of Saints
Descriptionary: A Thematic Dictionary        Think You're the Only One?
"Don't Forget to Sing in the Lifeboats"         Watching Baseball Smarter
Dream Dictionary From A to Z                     What's the Difference?
Iverne's Stage & Screen Trivia                     Who's Who In Rock & Roll
Metaphors Dictionary                                    Word Histories
Nom de Plume                                            
In the spirt of sharing at the beginning of this new year, do you have any book with intriguing and fun information?